Get up and goals! — Time for global education: an international learning network and active schools for the SDGs

Coordinated by NGO C.I.S.P. (based in Rome, Italy), partnerships include 13 other NGOs from 12 different European countries, whose Ministries of Education have joined the project. In Romania, project implementor is the Association “European Academy”. The overall objective of the project is to enhance curricula in relation to SDGs in order to encourage global citizenship education and sustainable development.

Modernisation of the Cultural Education System

A common system of cultural education will be developed, which would combine formal and non-formal education and cover the entire territory of Lithuania. According to the authors of the concept, the synergy of the fields of culture and education will allow to improve the process of formal education, integrate with cultural activities, and increase its attractiveness to students.

Smart-In — Community Library

Through the regional Smart-In strategy, the Apulia Region promotes the revival of Apulia’s cultural heritage, enhancing it and improving its use.

Sapere digitale (Digital knowledge)

The project, supported by the Piedmont Region — Libraries Sector and by the Compagnia di San Paolo, I luoghi della Cultura 2019, aims to stimulate the crucial role that libraries can play in supporting digital civic education and the spread of an increasing awareness in the proper use of digital technology, first of all for teachers in local schools and as a spin-off for the entire citizenry.

My Green Identity

The ultimate aim of the “My Green Identity” thematic network project is to fight against climate change and support sustainable development. The aim will be reached by developing a multi-professional transnational network with closely involved partner organisations and participants. This network ensures that partners create, produce and implement collaborative cross border measures encouraging active citizenship in people by sharing information and making it possible to combat climate change.





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