Advancing Digital Empowerment of Libraries in Europe – ADELE

The ADELE project was designed to empower libraries in the digital era by making staff and managers aware of the needs they have to face to drive change within their organisation.
To do so, the project developed a free self-evaluation tool and training opportunities to help libraries reflect on how they use and where they can further integrate digital technologies to improve their services.

Reading promotion for strengthening Democracy in Europe

The project will use books as a mean to reflect on one of the topics above-mentioned: youth from all the countries involved will be tasked with reading the same book/books, and this will be the opportunity to spark interactive moments and exchanges between them. We will work with young students (age 15 to 19) from at least 4 different European countries. The project will be the opportunity for them to reflect and express their opinions on the topic selected.

EU Book Exchange for Cultural Interpretation of Gender Equality

This project proposes a cross-cultural initiative aimed at fostering dialogue and understanding among European students on the topic of gender equality. The core concept revolves around curated book selections in various languages, chosen by librarians, to serve as a foundational reading material for participating students. These books will be diverse in perspectives and themes related to gender equality, ensuring a broad spectrum of insights and experiences.


The project maximizes public libraries’ potential as hubs for contemporary art. Creating a European network, it supports emerging artists through library residencies, turning them into ateliers for public engagement. The initiative enhances artists’ visibility, opens commercial avenues, and strengthens the sector. Libraries evolve, reflecting on their cultural roles, hosting workshops, exhibitions, and training sessions for librarians and artists.

“For good vibes – read books” or “Za dobre vibre – čitaj libre”

The goal of the “For Good Vibes – Read Books” project is to foster a reading culture and promote literacy in Split-Dalmatia County.
Through the Mobile Library Service, it provides book access to areas lacking local libraries.
Focusing on youth under 25, individuals over 54, and people with disabilities, it aims to popularize reading. By enhancing literature access, the project reduces social exclusion in these groups.

EmpowHer – strengthening women’s digital resilience for informed communities and democracy protection

The empow(H)er Project is a dynamic initiative aimed at empowering middle-aged women, particularly those balancing the responsibilities of motherhood and caring for aging parents, by fostering digital literacy and increasing awareness of the digital world. Recognizing the historical underrepresentation of this group in technology and the caregiving roles, this project seeks to bridge the digital divide and elevate the status of these women in their communities.

Libraries for Migrant women – Erasmus Small-scale partnerships in adult education (KA210-ADU)

The project aims to create a safe space for immigrant women, age 25-to 50, inside libraries. Women coming from immigrant backgrounds are often at the receiving end of discrimination and inequality, and they struggle to find recognition and acceptance in the territories they reside in: this reality is particularly true in Italy.
As libraries are first and foremost a place of democracy,they could play a huge role in helping immigrant women advocate for themselves and find new opportunitie

Exchange for exchange

Famalicão Public Library project that consists of the free and disinterested transfer of books that will later be available for exchange for other books, not involving, this initiative, any type of costs, terms or loans.


DIGITAL PTIS@LITERACIA is an ICT project of the Public Library of Silves, promoted by the Municipal Library, which brings together a set of initiatives, based on the training aspect.

Bibliomóvel de Proença-a-Nova

An itinerant Library that goes, takes and provides useful services, close and access to information, knowledge, readings to people who are displaced from urban centres and have no way to get to the library.





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