Librarians as promoters of local democracy, development and resilience

Project “Librarians as promoters of local democracy, development and resilience” is the supplementary part of the multicomponent EC Programme “EU4Dialogue: improving exchanges across the divide through education and culture” (hereinafter – EU4Dialogue) that supports educational and cultural initiatives fostering an environment of dialogue and people-to-people contacts across the divides in the South Caucasus and the Republic of Moldova.

Business analysis and service design of library services

Estonian libraries (~830 in total) currently rely on three different library systems (ILS) and three different user services portals. All these systems differ by their user experience, service provision, and their functionalities that support the day-to-day work of libraries. The aim is to replace by the year 2026 three user services portals with a single portal and improve the ability of libraries to offer digital services

Lending of e-publications

The national service for the lending of e-publications covers e-books, e-newspapers, e-magazines, and audiobooks. The service can be used free of charge by all people with an Estonian personal identification code, both from a web browser and conveniently from a smart device. In addition, a separate mobile application is being developed, which allows e-publications to be used even without the internet connection.

Modernisation of the Cultural Education System

A common system of cultural education will be developed, which would combine formal and non-formal education and cover the entire territory of Lithuania. According to the authors of the concept, the synergy of the fields of culture and education will allow to improve the process of formal education, integrate with cultural activities, and increase its attractiveness to students.

Public libraries team up with primary schools to increase reading literacy

Author programme at Municipal Library Babice, by Ivana Bičanová, CC BY 4.0 (

In the 2006 PISA survey — which tests 15-year-old students from all over the world in reading, mathematics and science — Czech pupils ranked only 21 out of 56 participating countries in reading skills. Therefore, supporting reading literacy has become an important issue for many stakeholders, including libraries and schools.

The project, which started in 2008, brings together libraries and schools to develop reading habits of primary school first-graders (age 6 to 7).

Digitisation of the Cultural Heritage content (1st stage); Digitisation of the Cultural Heritage content (2nd stage)

The main objective of the projects is to ensure the wide availability of Latvian cultural heritage to society in the digital environment, which serves as a basis for strengthening national identity, developing the cultural, scientific, knowledge society and creative industries, ensuring the long-term preservation of national cultural heritage in digital form, and creating opportunities for its repeated use in new products and services, as well as its integration into a unified European and global cultural digital space.

Books on the move / Raamatud liikuma

The innovation project Books on the Move has set out to modernise the lending service and bring it into the 21st century. Books on the Move is funded by Enterprise Estonia and their Innovation Procurement Program in the amount of EUR 333,332.50.





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