The project intends to promote a general development plan intending to distribute knowledge, competences, skills and transversal values which are imparted at the Polytechnic University of Madrid through social networks.

Walk the Global Walk: Young people — leaders on the road to sustainability

Through Global Citizenship Education, Walk the Global Walk mobilises young people as accelerators of change, bringing SDGs to the local level. It also produces innovative educational models, able to integrate a new understanding of global issues related to migration, climate change and gender equality in formal high school curriculum.

Development of a virtual cultural space for the needs of society

The project aims to modernise the Virtual Cultural Heritage Information System and to create services that facilitate the search, accumulation, management and use of digitised cultural content for educational, research and other purposes of the portal

NewsGuard and the Italian Digital Media Observatory

NewsGuard will contribute to the projects of the consortium, led by Luiss University, by providing data and analysis of the sites that publish news and information in Italy, with the aim of detecting, analysing and tackling the disinformation campaigns that spread across the national and European territory.

Smart-In — Community Library

Through the regional Smart-In strategy, the Apulia Region promotes the revival of Apulia’s cultural heritage, enhancing it and improving its use.

Sapere digitale (Digital knowledge)

The project, supported by the Piedmont Region — Libraries Sector and by the Compagnia di San Paolo, I luoghi della Cultura 2019, aims to stimulate the crucial role that libraries can play in supporting digital civic education and the spread of an increasing awareness in the proper use of digital technology, first of all for teachers in local schools and as a spin-off for the entire citizenry.

Debate Your Issue (DYI)

The aim of Debate Your Issue (DYI) is to strengthen the awareness of young Europeans (18-25 years old) on the topics of politics, democracy, tolerance and their threats: disinformation, intolerance, polarisation and hate speech. Debate can teach young people how to stand up for their opinions and views in a well-founded and convincing manner. Furthermore, by dealing with relevant socio-political questions in a critical manner, it contributes to political education in the targeted region.

Cultural Capital as a Resource for Sustainable Development of Latvia/CARD

The project CARD (Culture and Art – A Resource for Development) explores the arts and cultural values that are key for Latvia’s sustainable development and national identity; gauges their contributions to cultural capital.

The goal of the project: Create an interdisciplinary human capital and knowledge stock on the processes creating diversity and value of cultural capital, and on a supportive cultural sector ecosystem as a resource for sustainable development in Latvia.





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