Reading promotion for strengthening Democracy in Europe

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The project will use books as a mean to reflect on one of the topics above-mentioned: youth from all the countries involved will be tasked with reading the same book/books, and this will be the opportunity to spark interactive moments and exchanges between them. We will work with young students (age 15 to 19) from at least 4 different European countries. The project will be the opportunity for them to reflect and express their opinions on the topic selected.

Project description

The project main objective is to encourage young people civic participation and to encourage dialogue among youth from different European countries, on the basis of one of the following issues/themes:

  • European citizenship and what it entails: what does it means to participate in a democratic way and what are the role of an active citizen.
  • Climate change: what can we do?
  • Immigration: from problem to opportunity

We will pick only one of these concepts.

The project will take place following these steps:

  • At least four libraries will create a Network (partnership). The libraries must be public.
  • Each library will select a team of librarians that will work in the project.
  • Librarians from all the countries involved will select a list of novels (available in all the languages of the participating countries)
  • Libraries will collaborate with local schools to engage their target.
  • Libraries will read the book selected by the participants, and in the meantime discuss its content during several confrontational moments, both within their own national group and with the whole partnership.
  • Libraries will help students create a content/product that convey their reflections and ideas on the theme discussed during the project.
  • Youths and librarians will travel to their fellow partners to work together on the content/product.
  • Finally, all participants will work on creating a final assessment (with their consideration and proposal) to present to their local government. Librarians will ensure that the meeting will take place.

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