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The project maximizes public libraries' potential as hubs for contemporary art. Creating a European network, it supports emerging artists through library residencies, turning them into ateliers for public engagement. The initiative enhances artists' visibility, opens commercial avenues, and strengthens the sector. Libraries evolve, reflecting on their cultural roles, hosting workshops, exhibitions, and training sessions for librarians and artists.

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The project will take full advantage of the inner potential of public libraries in order to promote contemporary art and artists. Libraries, more than any other cultural organisation, can address a large audience, thanks to their capillarity and their strong presence inside communities. Furthermore, their target is very diversified and it ranges all ages and social backgrounds. The project’s goal is to create a network of libraries, from several European countries, whose aim is to promote and sustain young contemporary artists, and to promote contemporary arts inside their territories. By forging an alliance between libraries and contemporary art we will enhance the visibility of artists and of their artworks, open up new commercial opportunities for them and contribute to the capacity building of the sector and its resilience. On the same time we will give libraries’ publics the opportunity to discover contemporary art and get to know young artists from other countries that they wouldn’t get to know otherwise. The project will focus around two cycle of residencies: after the initial selection of artists from all over Europe, the libraries involved in the project will host the artists for a month and they will give them access to spaces and resources in order to create their artworks. Libraries will transform into ateliers and become the perfect window for the public to observe and discover contemporary art. The residencies will be the opportunity to host workshops and meetings with the artists, and exhibitions to present the final work. Through contemporary art, libraries will have the opportunity to reflect upon their roles as cultural operators and they will learn how to include arts inside their spaces. During the course of the project both librarians and artists will participate in training activities, that will focus on audience engagement, the importance of target marketing and the importance of users’ participation.

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1 thought on “LIBRART”

  1. Dear members of the LIBRART project,

    We are writing to you from the Ayuntamiento de Caudete, in Albacete, Spain. We are an institution committed to non-formal adult education, a credential we have received for the period 2021-2023. You can find more details about our accreditation [here](

    At the Casa de Cultura de Caudete and the Public Library, we work cooperatively on various cultural and artistic projects. This year, the Casa de Cultura is organizing an International Biennial with Italy as the guest country. You can learn more about this event [here]( Additionally, our Library is a creative space that is currently hosting a temporary exhibition of artist’s books.

    We would like to participate in a Job Shadowing activity to gain an in-depth understanding of the LIBRART project managed by Culture Socialità Biblioteche Network Operativo. We believe this experience will allow us to explore new possibilities for collaboration and mutual enrichment.

    We appreciate the opportunity to participate and look forward to your response.

    Best regards,

    Maria José Moreno
    Director Library
    Elia Lacárcel
    Technical Specialist of the Local Development Area
    Ayuntamiento de Caudete, Spain



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