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EBLIDA – OCLC Online Workshop


21 September 2021



Reshaping the library in light of the pandemic: possibilities and opportunities

Over the last 18 months, the impact of the pandemic and the changes that it has enforced has been felt by many libraries the world over. During this session, we will look at how these changes have impacted and reshaped libraries both globally and regionally. Using the findings and conclusions gleaned from an OCLC Research project carried out during the pandemic, and a report published by EBLIDA in May 2020 and updated in August 2021, we will consider what the ‘new normal’ for libraries may look like in the post-COVID age.



(5 minutes)

Ton van Vlimmeren, President EBLIDA

Part 1 – OCLC: New Model Library context setting

(15 minutes)

The impact of the pandemic has been felt by many within the library sector with changes to both workflows and library offerings. Some of these changes are here to stay and we will continue to feel their impact going forward in the form of positive, long-term change.

As a part of OCLC Research’s work in documenting how libraries as organizations operate, adapt, and evolve, the OCLC Research team met with global library leaders to discuss emerging library models in response to the changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. They looked at new and evolving practices and policies, possibilities for collaboration, and how these opportunities can benefit their communities into the future.

During this session, representatives from OCLC Research will share their findings and conclusions based on the library leaders’ vision as their New Model Library emerges. A corresponding report will be made available later this year.


Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Ph.D., Director of Library Trends and User Research, OCLC Research

Titia van der Werf, Senior Program Officer, OCLC Research

Brittany Brannon, Research Support Specialist, OCLC Research

Part 2 – EBLIDA Post-Covid 19 context setting

(15 minutes)


Giuseppe Vitiello, Director EBLIDA

The content of the EBLIDA report A European library agenda for the post-Covid 19 age (May 2020), together with the Sustainable Development Goals and Libraries – First European Report, also released in May 2020, and the Paper on The European Structural and Investment Funds 2021-2027: Funding Opportunities for Libraries (June 2020) were aggregated into the EBLIDA flagship report “Think The Unthinkable: A post Covid-19 European Library Agenda meeting Sustainable Development Goals and funded through the European Structural and Investment Funds (2021-2027)”.

One year later, with the pandemic apparently slowing down and, in some countries, on the way to being eradicated, EBLIDA decided to relaunch an investigation with a view to validating the new normals detected in the first post-Covid agenda report and to identifying the legacy left by library policies and trends set in place during the peak of the Covid-19 crisis.

Q and A session – with prepared questions, then opening up to the audience

(30-35 minutes)

  1. As a result of how the pandemic has foregrounded inequities, describe how the role of the library in the community has changed?
  2. What are the opportunities for libraries to provide and promote open content to their communities, i.e., create and assist community members with creation, digitize, advertise/promote, etc.?
  3. What are the challenges or opportunities for library membership cooperatives to help the profession in the age of COVID, i.e., Advocacy, training/professional development, agenda setting for libraries, digital literacy, provision of technology, etc.


(5 minutes)

Public libraries as centres of European cities – are they also on the European agenda?

Webinar on 27th May 2021, 14.00-15.30 (CET)

Public libraries as centres of European cities - are they also on the European agenda?

Public libraries, often referred to as third places, are lighthouses for education, exchange, inspiration and citizen engagement in European cities. However, they are rather invisible on the European agenda.

The action ‘Raise awareness for public libraries in Europe’ within the framework of the Urban Agenda for the EU, has set itself the task of creating a provable basis for this thesis and is intended to make public libraries more visible at European level. Its aim is to raise awareness among decision-makers, to recognise the importance of public libraries for Europe and to derive recommendations from this for the European level.

In this context, the Senate Department for Culture and Europe of the city of Berlin and the European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations (EBLIDA) are organising two online discussions on the topic in 2021 in cooperation with the city of Espoo, the German Library Association (dbv), the Finnish Library Association (Suomen Kirjastoseura) and the European organisation Public Libraries 2030.

The first online discussion will take place on 27th May 2021, 14.00-15.30 (CET).



Moderator: Hella Klauser (German Library Association, EBLIDA Executive Committee member)

I. Municipal libraries and Europe – opposites or harmony?

  • Gerry Woop (Permanent Secretary for Europe at the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe)
  • Ton van Vlimmeren (President of EBLIDA)

II. Where are you? Public libraries in European policies

Presentation of the results of research within the framework of the action

  • Ilona Kish (Director of Public Libraries 2030)

III. Public Libraries on the European agenda!

How do we deal with the results of research, how do we use them, and what do we derive from them?

Participants of the panel discussion:

  • Volker Heller (Director of the Central and Regional Library Berlin)
  • Ton van Vlimmeren (President of EBLIDA)
  • Ilona Kish (Director of Public Libraries 2030)
  • Laura Colini (Tesserae Urban Social Research)

Moderator: Hella Klauser (German Library Association, EBLIDA Executive Committee member)

IV. Where do we go from here?

Summary and way forward

  • Reiner Schmock-Bathe (Head of Unit for Public Libraries and European Cultural Affairs at the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe)

Ask and you shall receive – Webinar

How can Libraries have access to the European Investment Funds’ Resources

Date & time:

28 April 2021
10:30 AM – 2:30 PM EEST


Valentina Bondesan, Coordinates and moderates the webinar


Giovanni Bergamin, CEN AIB Delegate and OBISS Coordinator

Stefano Parise, EBLIDA Vice President

Francesca Leon, President of Rete delle Reti

Giuseppe Vitiello, Director of EBLIDA

Cecilia Cognigni

Flavio Aquilano,Technical Management, Cultural Heritage and Municipal Buildings Area, Municipality of Turin

Veronica Ceruti, Bologna Libraries, Culture and City Promotion Department, Municipality of Bologna

Giovanni Bergamin, CEN AIB Delegate and OBISS Coordinator, Library and Sustainable Development Observatory

  • Programme

How can Libraries have access to the Investment Funds’ Resources


Webinar for Bulgarian libraries

The European Structural and Investment Funds (2021 – 2027): Opportunities for Libraries

17 March 2021


[The webinar was held in Bulgarian]

The Bulgarian Library and Information Association and the Global Libraries – Bulgaria Foundation organized a webinar on “European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) in 2021 – 2027: opportunities for libraries”


Webinar for Latvian libraries

The possibilities of acquiring European structural and investment funds for libraries in 2021–2027

Latvian - Webinar

22 February 2021

EBLIDA, the Latvian Librarians’ Association and the Latvian National Library in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of Latvia are organizing a webinar on the Zoom platform on February 22, 2021 to discuss Latvia’s the experience of libraries in acquiring European Structural Funds and Investment Funds (EFSI) funding, as well as on library opportunities in 2021–2027. annual funding programming period.

The webinar was held in Latvian with English simultaneous translation.


Greek experts meeting on funding through ESF

8 February 2021



1. Introductory Presentations

Chair : Anthi Katsirikou (President Association of Greek Librarians and Information Scientists – AGLIS)

  • Presentation by the President of EEBEP Anthi Katsirikou

2. Short presentations by the invited libraries (10 minutes each)

Chair : Antonios Mourikis (Treasurer, Association of Greek Librarians and Information Scientists – AGLIS)

The presentations include:


1. Municipal Library of Veria: Aspasia Tasiopoulou

2. “VIKELAIA” Municipal Library of Heraklion: John Alexandrakis

3. General Archives of Rhodes: Eirini Toliou

4. Municipal Library of Leivadia: Katerina Kerasta

5. Public Library of Karditsa: Thanasis Kouroglou and Giota Voulgari

6. Public Library of Kozani: Dimitros Mylonas and delivered by Iro Tzorba

3. Conclusions – Discussion

Chair : Antonios Mourikis (Treasurer, Association of Greek Librarians and Information Scientists – AGLIS)

Possible topics among others:

  • Are the libraries aware of the regional/local authorities managing ESIF 2021-2027?
  • What kind of support would be needed?

“Think the Unthinkable” Workshop Nederland

Een post-corona agenda voor bibliotheken; over duurzame ontwikkelingsdoelen en Europese subsidies 2021-2027

25 January 2021

[Dutch language webinar about sustainable development goals and European funds]

Eblida samen met de VOB organiseerde een informatief Webinar over de betekenis van de duurzame ontwikkelingsdoelen en Europese subsidiemogelijkheden voor de Nederlandse Bibliotheken.

Deel 1:  VOB en EBLIDA



Anton Kok, directeur VOB deed hierover de aftrap en gaf de visie van de VOB weer.

Onder  leiding van Ton van Vlimmerren, voorzitter van de Europese Bibliotheekorganisatie Eblida, werd ter inspiratie twee praktijkvoorbeelden over duurzame ontwikkelingsdoelen in bibliotheken behandelt: Assen en Utrecht:



Europees beleid, Europese fondsen en de subsidiemogelijkheden (Engels gesproken).


Deel 2: EBLIDA en The Alignment House

Verdere uitwerking EBLIDA Matrix, Europese fondsen & Ondersteuningsaanbod




Bibliothèques: l’Europe peut subventionner vos projets!

24 November 2020


Les bibliothèques et l’Agenda 2030 Information, responsabilité, plaidoyer
Raphaëlle Bats
, Responsable mission Relations Internationales, École nationale supérieure des sciences de l’information et des bibliothèques (Enssib), Villeurbanne, France

ODD, FSIE et Bibliothèques: l’approche EBLIDA & Services pour les associations bibliothécaires, Services pour les institutions bibliothécaires
Giuseppe Vitiello, EBLIDA Director


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Workshops – 13, 14 and 16 October 2020


EBLIDA Online Workshops 13, 14 and 16 October 2020


EBLIDA Online Workshops: “Think the Unthinkable”


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EBLIDA Webinar Series – June 2020

EBLIDA hosted a series of webinars focused on Sustainable Development Goals and Libraries, more particularly, why and how should Libraries implement SDGs.

 EBLIDA-IFLA Webinar: “SDGs: EBLIDA and IFLA Approaches”

15 June 2020 


EBLIDA-Liber Webinar:“Citizen Science Supporting Sustainable Development Goals: The possible role of libraries”

23 June 2020

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