Expert group on Digitisation and Online Access (EGDO) (archived)

Aims and goals

The mission of the Expert Group on Digitisation and Online Access (EGDO) is to:

  • Maintain a good general awareness of issues in relation to digitisation and online access across Europe, and disseminate relevant information concerning online accessibility to EBLIDA members;
  • Address the European Institutions, by making proposals and formulating position statements regarding online accessibility so as to improve the position of libraries and archives in Europe and the dissemination of online content;
  • Co-operate and work with other organizations and institutions by for example sharing information and best practice. 


More specifically to:

  • Encourage member states to formulate digitization policies, perhaps as part of a national policy for library and information provision, which should cover the full cultural heritage of each member state;
  • Encourage long-term digital curation of the outputs of digitization programs;
  • Seek to ensure that the output of research which is publicly funded should be publicly available, in line with the Berlin Declaration of Open Access. 

Members of EGDO

  • Erna Winters (Chair) VOB, The Netherlands
  • Carlijn Agterberg, Koninklijk Bibliotheek, The Netherlands
  • Jan Braeckman Bibnet, Belgium
  • Aija Laine, Turku Public Library, Finland
  • Barbara Muñoz de Solano y Palacio, FESABID, Spain
  • Vagelis Papakonstantinou, MPlegal – Markopoulou-Papakonstantinou and Associates Law Firm, Greece
  • Vincent Bonnet, Director EBLIDA, The Netherlands

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