EBLIDA Literacies (archived)

Aims and goals

The mission of the Expert Group on EBLIDA Literacies is to:

  • Maintain a good general awareness of European cultural and information society issues, especially where libraries and archives are concerned, and disseminate relevant information concerning these issues to EBLIDA members.
  • Make proposals and formulate position statements for the EC to address the European institutions regarding cultural issues so as to improve the position of libraries and archives in relation to this area.
  • Co-operate and work with other organizations and institutions for these purposes by for example, sharing information and best practices.


 And more specifically, the group will:

  • Investigate and analyse the European agenda on culture and information society (including Literacy and Media Literacy) issues
  • Prepare statements and position papers for the Executive Committee in accordance with the strategy of EBLIDA
  • Support the collection and dissemination of information of relevance in the fields of European cultural and information society policy

Members of EBLIDA Literacies

  • Ms. Felicidad Campal

    Public Library of Salamanca, Spain
    E-mail: fcampal [at]

  • Mr. Jonathan Douglas

    National Literacy Trust, United Kingdom
    E-mail: jonathan.douglas [at]

  • Ms. Marta Dziļuma

    National Library of Latvia, Latvia
    E-mail: marta.dziluma [at]

  • Dr. Bernd Schmid-Ruhe

    Public Library of Mannheim, Germany
    E-mail: bernd.schmid-ruhe [at]

  • Ms. Leena Toivonen

    Finland’s Swedish Library Association (FSLA), Finland
    E-mail: leena.toivonen [at]

  • Ms. Marit Vestlie

    National Library of Norway, Norway
    E-mail: marit.vestlie [at]

  • Director EBLIDA

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