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“The right to  e-read” is a Europe-wide campaign

Building up on the previous e-books in libraries campaign (2012-2013). It aims at raising awareness among the general public, librarians and policy makers about the difficulties currently faced by libraries, specifically with regard to access to e-books and digital content. The campaign also will raise awareness about the need for change, particularly in the case of the copyright framework.

The campaign, initiated by EBLIDA, is being carried out in all European countries. The idea for a campaign poster with a logo and slogans was developed by the e-books task force headed  by Gerald Leitner. At the European level, EBLIDA is coordinating the campaign. EBLIDA provides information and material for its members for download and use. This goes for communication material (posters, postcards) progressively made available as well as background information,  legal text for discussion with specialist,  librarians and the general public.

EBLIDA is also focusing on delivering information to politicians and the media in order to put this issue on the political agenda.

On 23rd of  April, the World Book and Copyright Day  will be an ideal opportunity to hold press conferences in the capital cities in all participating countries. EBLIDA will organise  a press conference in Brussels on “the Right to e-read”.

Important dates to save in your calendar:

23 April 2014:

Right to e-read day

14 May 2014:

EBLIDA-NAPLE conference in Athens

22-25 May 2014:

European Elections

At National and Local level, national associations  are in charge of promoting the campaign in their country at a local level. In each European country, the library associations are invited to find ways to best help libraries in getting the necessary material for the campaign beginning January 2014.

The idea is to focus on:

– Informing the public;

– Informing policy makers.

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