The Right to E-read Campaign (archived)

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European citizens have the right to e-read!

The digital age is a challenge and an opportunity for society today. On the internet, there are new and innovative ways of providing, creating and distributing content, new ways in which to generate value and to establish a well-educated European knowledge society, which is a precondition for competitiveness and prosperity.

Libraries guarantee free access to content, information, and culture for all European citizens. However, in the digital environment, the current legal framework prevents libraries from fulfilling these essential services to our society, especially regarding  the provision of e-books.

The Right to E-read Petition

European citizens have the right to e-read! This should also be the case in libraries. It should therefore be possible for libraries to legally  provide their users with access to all commercially available e-books.

EBLIDA’s mission, together with  its Europe-wide membership,  is to raise awareness about the obstacles faced by libraries in the digital environment. The objective of our campaign, “the right to e-read” is to raise awareness among politicians, librarians and the general public, thereby enabling us to work together to fulfill our goal:  the provision of e-books by libraries all over Europe.

Learn more: The right to e-read – An e-book policy for libraries in Europe.

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