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During its 20th Annual Conference in Copenhagen on 11 May 2012, EBLIDA launched the first step of its European Campaign for e-books in Libraries. With this campaign, EBLIDA aims to draw the attention of politicians and citizens of the European Union both to the risks and threats at stake for libraries and their patrons (therefore also to the citizens) with the current situation in the volatile market of e-books in which libraries have very few rights.

EBLIDA has decided to launch a Europe-wide joint action of all library associations for “The right to e-read” during its 21th Annual Conference in Milan on 15th May 2013.

Position papers

Key principles

Information paper



Campaign May 2012 – May 2013

Campaign Leaflets 2012-2013

It is time for us to take action

Aims of the campaign 2012-2013

Libraries have to find ways to create and ensure attractive services in this new media environment and ever changing market, while e-books will become increasingly relevant for libraries.But it appears that at the moment the collection building policy may be decided by the publishers and not by the library, which could mean a threat to access to information, and by extension to democracy. Until now, the different components of the book chain always found ways to work together.

Because of the shift to the digital environment, some of the links in this book chain are willing to be removed, thereby posing a threat to libraries and hindering them in their abilities to fulfill their missions, by refusing to make e-books available to the public through library websites, or proposing inadequate offers and inappropriate digital “lending” models.

EBLIDA believes that the book chain must incorporate and support cultural and economic diversity. Only a rich ecosystem with strong libraries as representatives of public structures working co-operatively with private suppliers like publishers, booksellers, web aggregators and authors, can ensure a wealthy supply of digital content to every citizen of Europe.

To tackle these challenges, EBLIDA published several papers (available at the top of this page) and is constantly updating information.

The Campaign in 3 Steps:

1. Until October 2012:

  1. Publication of the Position Paper and the information Paper;
  2. Translation of the Position Paper in every European language;
  3. Collection of the pitfalls and success stories in Europe on the topic;
  4. Establishment of the Task Force;
  5. Follow up with the European Union Commission on the survey on European Libraries and e-books;
  6. Begin meetings with the Federation of European Publishers.

2. From October to Spring 2013:

  1. Follow-up on meetings with the Federation of European Publishers;
  2. Organise meeting with the Member of the European Parliament;
  3. Organise meetings in specific regional areas in Europe with local and national representatives in charge of those questions.

3. 21st EBLIDA, Council, 1st week of May 2013:

  1. First set of achievement;
  2. Next propositions.

EBLIDA Task Force

EBLIDA set up a Task Force under the lead of Mr. Gerald Leitner.

Its mission is to monitor the current developments, following-up on the campaign, keeping in contact with experts and communicate information to members.

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