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The “Libraries for a Sustainable Future: Manifesto for the 2024 European elections” is now translated into Bulgarian, Italian, Portuguese, and Slovenian.
Our first newsletter with editorials from Erna Winters. Discover a manifesto for sustainable libraries, insights from the 32nd EBLIDA Conference, and workshops on evolving librarian skills and AI integration. Learn about the NEDLib Project and the Italian translation of key library legislation. Wrap up with inspiring stories in the ‘Europe Challenge’ segment
Leading European library associations and organisations have released a manifesto calling on candidates for the European Parliament elections to ensure libraries realise their potential to build a stronger, fairer, more sustainable Europe.
Erna Winters, EBLIDA President, and Saskia Leferink, General Manager of OCLC Benelux, signed the agreement at the EBLIDA Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. (Photo taken by João Barata)
We are pleased to announce the availability of the Italian translation of the Recommendations on Library Legislation and Policy in Europe from our Member, ‘Rete delle Reti.’
EBLIDA’ s Operational Plan 2024-2025 outlines a course of action and focus areas for the secretariat to work on between the 32nd Annual EBLIDA Conference 2024 and the 33rd Annual EBLIDA Conference 2025.
The EBLIDA Annual Report gives details of the activities carried out in the year between the meetings of the Council. Approved at the 32nd Council Meeting, 8 April 2024, Lisbon, Portugal
We would like to inform you of an update regarding the recent Executive Committee election for the term 2024-2027.
We are delighted to announce the results of the 2024-2027 EBLIDA elections and take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to all members who participated in the elections. We have been very impressed by the quality and range of the candidates.
Online voting will take place to elect a President and to select 10 Executive Committee members from 12 February to 11 March 2024.





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