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Everything you need to know about the benefits of becoming an EBLIDA member
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Why should you join EBLIDA?

At EBLIDA, we are driven by our commitment to support the European librarians, provide our products and resources to the community to lead change to move forward.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we rely solely on membership fees to support this work. By becoming a member, you can actively contribute to our mission and help us make a lasting impact on your behalf.

Membership Benefits

1. Join us to actively contribute to the development of UN Sustainable Development Goals, connect with fellow members, and engage in collaborative projects using our powerful tool, E-PANEMA.

E-PANEMA (Eblida PArtNErship MAtching) is a discovery tool: Help you aligning your Library Planning with European Programmes and SDGs and to get information on library funding through EU policies and projects focused on sustainable development.

This powerful tool accessible to everyone at no cost. However, we are offering exceptional advantages exclusively to our EBLIDA Members.

Get a sneak peek with the screenshots above. Unlock premium features as a member or continue browsing E-PANEMA as a visitor.

Exclusive Member Features

Full Access to European Programme Calls

 As an EBLIDA Member, you gain unrestricted entry to a wealth of valuable information on European programme calls. Discover funding opportunities, key deadlines, eligibility criteria, and more. This critical information is completely exclusive to our Members, giving you an edge in securing vital resources for your projects.

Comprehensive Guide to Project Proposals

EBLIDA Members can search trough our comprehensive guide on crafting successful project proposals. Find valuable tips, best practices, and expert guidance to enhance your proposal-writing skills and increase your chances of success.

Specialized Tips
and Insights

For our Members, we are providing access to a collection of specific questions and exclusive tips. These insights are tailored to help our Members to excel, enabling them to achieve results in their projects.

2. Shape legislation and policy in your country through best practices taking place in other European States

Shape Legislation and Policy

Be at the forefront of influencing library legislation and policy in your country, drawing from the best practices across European States.

Focused Reflection

We are not just another association. We delve into critical library issues like copyright, the “social” library, the profound social and educational impact of libraries, and explore the exciting frontier of artificial intelligence in libraries.

3. Engage actively in a growing, close-knit, dynamic and diverse community of professionals in the information sector at European level 

You’ll become a part of a network comprising over 110 associations and institutions spanning across Europe, collaborating with EU Institutions, the Council of Europe, and numerous international and national NGOs.

Membership categories

There are two basic categories of membership:

Full member

Admission as Full Member is open to:

(a) Professional Associations in Member States of the Council of Europe engaged on a national representative level in pursuing the interests of library and information science services;

(b) Other Organisations in Member States of the Council of Europe not belonging to category (a) whose members are in a majority drawn from Member States of the European Union which are deemed eligible for admission by a decision of the Council.

A Full Member has 5 voting rights in the Council and can be elected onto the Executive Committee.

Associate member

Admission as associate member is open to:

(c) Similar organisations to those related under (a) and (b) in European States which are not Member States of the European Union;.

(d) Other organisations, institutes and individual libraries not belonging to categories (a), (b) or (c) which are deemed eligible by a decision of the Council.

An Associate Member has 1 voting right in the Council, but can not be elected onto the Executive Committee.

The regulations concerning membership are contained in the EBLIDA Constitution.

How to join?

Please fill out the:

Membership Application Form

If you have any question please contact the Secretariat:
Phone: +31 70 31 40 137

Membership fees

NON-Dutch Members

Full Members
ANP Turnover €Total 2024
Total 2025
F500.001 or more7.1337.312
Associate Members
Total 2024
Total 2025

Dutch Members

Full Members
ANP Turnover €Total 2024
Total 2025
F500.001 or more7.146,957.325,95
Associate Members
Total 2024
Total due 2025

PLEASE NOTE Fees are in Euros and include administration costs.

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