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The goal of the "For Good Vibes - Read Books" project is to foster a reading culture and promote literacy in Split-Dalmatia County. Through the Mobile Library Service, it provides book access to areas lacking local libraries. Focusing on youth under 25, individuals over 54, and people with disabilities, it aims to popularize reading. By enhancing literature access, the project reduces social exclusion in these groups.
The objective of the project is to facilitate socio-economic activity of residents of Ludza (Latvia), Rokiškis (Lithuania) and Jēkabpils (Latvia) municipalities thus contributing to the improvement of living conditions in the border region of Latvia and Lithuania – in 3 deprived municipalities, which are remote from large development centres, with low birth and high death rates and low level of income.
Through Global Citizenship Education, Walk the Global Walk mobilises young people as accelerators of change, bringing SDGs to the local level. It also produces innovative educational models, able to integrate a new understanding of global issues related to migration, climate change and gender equality in formal high school curriculum.
The goal of the project implemented by Šilutė Fridrich Bajoraitis Public Library is to “recover” young people from the virtual space for direct communication with each other. They integrate into cultural and educational activities, discover the joy of real (not virtual) communication with peers, and can reveal their abilities and creativity. There were 5 different intellectual events organised during the project for young people.
The academy "Integrate yourself" was created in 2020. It is for teens and young persons (12-20 years old) who want to understand the possibilities offered by the modern cultural and socio-cultural environment. During the classes, lecturers are acquainted with design aesthetics, perspectives, programs and their management tools. Individual projects were created with the aim to present each participant, highlighting leisure interests, abilities, experiences with the help of graphic design.
The Potsdam City and State Library at the Bildungsforum, Potsdam developed a creative integration initiative for children, where twelve German and refugee children took part together in a reading promotion project lasting several weeks. In cooperation with institutional and associated partner organisations, children between 9 and 11 year-old created large-format photos with tablets, digitally edited them, creatively alienated them, added texts and finally presented them in a joint exhibition.





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