Key Competences Review 2017

The European Commission launched a public consultation on the Review of the Key Compentences Framework.

Objective of the consultation

The objective of the consultation was to gather input to inform changes to the 2006 Key Competences Framework. The consultation aimed to gather inputs on the following topics:

  • Strengths and weaknesses in the use of the 2006 Key Competences Framework;
  • Priority areas where changes to the Framework and the definition of the competences defined in the Framework are necessary to address the needs of current and future education and training;
  • Tools and processes to support key competences development for all

EBLIDA’s response

In line with its advocacy work, the EBLIDA’s response notably underlines the below

  • Libraries across all sectors support and encourage lifelong learning and the development of key competences by individuals;
  • Libraries also focus on a number of the transversal skills (Learning to learn, digital) that underpin all other learning competences – they need to be strengthened and include information literacy more explicitly;
  • Public Libraries are an essential resource for the independent learner and as a place of self-selected informal learning;
  • All institutions that enable informal learning should be much more closely engaged in the revised Key Competences Framework

>>> Read the full EBLIDA’s response to the Public Consultation on the review of the Key Competences Framework [PDF]

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