Press Release: Joint EBLIDA and IFLA CLM Satellite Conference, Strasbourg, France

SAVE THE DATE: 13-14 August 2014, Theme: "Copyright and beyond. Libraries in the Public Sphere".

“Copyright and beyond. Libraries in the Public Sphere”


More and more, libraries and their associations are embracing the (digital) information world. Providing access services online, delivering documents and articles electronically within their countries and cross border, digitizing public domain and copyright materials, facilitating text and data mining activities and hosting user data and catalogues in “clouds” outside their own jurisdiction, they can find themselves in a multifaceted, globalized and often challenging legal environment.

This Satellite Conference provides an overview on topical access to and use of information issues facing libraries. Discussions in Strasbourg are intended to strengthen a librarian´s knowledge and position as an invaluable vehicle for providing public access to information.

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The following topics and more will be discussed:

  • Information trends: copyright law in the globalised information economy,
  • Libraries, copyright and licensing,
  • Libraries and patron´s privacy
  • Regional and international copyright developments: trade agreements, treaties and beyond.

Mixture of seminar style presentations and workshop discussions throughout the two days.

Speakers include:

Victoria Owen, Chief Librarian, University of Toronto Scarborough and Chair, IFLA Copyright & other Legal Matters (CLM) Committee;

Ingrid Parent, University Librarian at the University of British Columbia, past IFLA President

Professor Christophe Geiger, Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI), University of Strasbourg

Professor Tomas Lipinski, School of Library & Information Science, Kent State University; Associate Professor;

Lucie Guibault, Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam;

Paul Whitney, Chair, IFLA eLending Working Group;

Ellen Broad, Manager of Digital Projects and Policy, IFLA.

Frédéric Blin, Head of Preservation and Heritage Collections, Bibliothèque nationale et universitaire de Strasbourg & IFLA Governing Board Member;

More to be announced soon.

If you have questions on the program, contact CLM member and satellite coordinator Armin Talke,

For questions concerning the venue and registration, contact coordinator at Bibliothèque nationale et universitaire (BNU), Strasbourg, Frederic Blin,


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