How can the EU make a balanced copyright framework for the DSM?

On 23 January 2018, the EIF debate on Copyright in the EU Digital Single Market addressed the long overdue reform of EU copyright rules, a hotly debated topic within the European institutions.

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The reform of EU copyright rules has been a long-running and hotly-debated topic within the European institutions. The extensive proposals for reform will have consequences for a whole range of stakeholders within Europe. 

Hosted by the European Parliament’s IMCO Committee Rapporteur for the proposal, MEP Catherine Stihler, and co-chaired by digital advocate and longstanding EIF member MEP Brando Benifei, this debate will focus in particular on the copyright reform in the context of public interest, consumer protection and impact on citizens, looking at Title 2 (articles 3-6: TDM, education, preservation) and Title 3 (articles 7-9: out of commerce works).

Check the #EIFAsks with short interview of the speakers

Check the interventions of the different speakers in the Copyright on the DSM:

Introduction by Brando Benifei MEP and EIF Steering Committee Member

More videos:

Speaker 1: William Bowes, Director of Policy at The Publishers Association, on copyright in the DSM, here.

Speaker 2: Rosa Maiello, President of the Italian Library Association (AIB), here.

Speaker 3: Julien Roche, Director at Learning Center Innovation, University of Lille, here

Speaker 4: Annemarie Beunen, Copyright Lawyer at KB, National Library of the Netherlands, here.

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