Webinars: AI-Chatbot in Public Libraries

Free webinars on the 11th and 13th of June 2024 on the first experiences made running Europes’ first AI Chatbot for the Association of Public Libraries in Berlin (VÖBB).
Organizer: Association of Public Libraries in Berlin (VÖBB)

On 28th May 2024, we will have launched the first AI-Chatbot in Europe for public libraries. Its goal is to complement traditional search, allowing patrons to chat about books, eBooks, films, music, etc. You will find the Chatbot that we will be talking about on the website of the Association of Public Libraries in Berlin:

We’ll send the link again to all registered webinar participants once its online.

In the webinar we will explain why the Berlin libraries made their approx. 4 Mio media available using an AI Chatbot. We will provide real data and practical experience on:

  • User response to chatting about library collections

  • Working with diverse, inconsistent and incomplete data

  • Ownership of data and what to do about it?

  • Prompting your Chatbot for library use

  • Pricing: on the costs of infrastructure, customization and tokens

  • A word on ethics and data protection


  • Moritz Mutter, Head of Digital, VÖBB Service Center, Association of Public Libraries in Berlin
  • Tilman Scheel, CEO, AboutSomethinK


If you find the topic interesting and would like to take part in the webinar, you can register via one of the following links depending on the date and time suitable for you:

11th June, 12pm Eastern Time (NY) / 6pm CEST (Berlin):–prjgjEtEMjYwiSXGL-JTvd8js8SFh

13th June, 11am CEST (Berlin) :

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