RLUK SPACE: Library spaces as research and cultural infrastructure

Library spaces play an integral role as research and cultural infrastructure within their scholarly, student, and other local communities. They do not only provide access to a variety of special, heritage and other type of collections, but also constitute places of knowledge production and innovation.
Organizer: Research Libraries UK (RLUK)

Moreover, they are increasingly places that support collaboration, social interaction, and community wellbeing. The design of new library buildings and spaces or the refurbishment of existing ones often reflect this multi-faceted role of the modern research library.

During this event, we will aim to showcase how libraries respond to the challenge of designing or re-developing spaces to provide the infrastructure that supports scholarship and learning, brings communities together, and facilitates encounters with cultural heritage collections. Case studies will discuss the requirements for developing such spaces, including the opportunities and barriers relevant projects present.

Who should attend: This event is open to all, you do not need to work for an RLUK institution to attend. Colleagues involved in library space management or spatial redesign and capital builds are particularly encouraged to attend.

When: Thursday 23 May, 14:00 – 15:30 (GMT)

Where: This will be a virtual event, held via Zoom



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