RL:EU Partner meeting in Ljubljana

On September 18-19, PiNA hosted our first in person partner meeting in Ljubljana to review the first year of the Resourcing Libraries project.
Organizer: Public Libraries 2030, PiNA

On September 18-19, PiNA hosted our first in person partner meeting in Ljubljana to review the first year of the Resourcing Libraries project. The two-day meeting took place in Ljubljana’s Europe House and aimed to reflect on, review the accomplishments and lessons learnt so far, and plan ahead for the second year. Of course, we also had the opportunity to discover the beautiful city of Ljubljana and the local cuisine!

Planning ahead
As we head into the second year of the RL:EU project, we have begun mapping out more activities in the coming months. A core mission of the project is to accompany library professionals through the process of accessing EU resources. In line with this, a series of local events will be carried out to inform about EU funding opportunities followed by group coaching sessions focused on specific aspects of the application process for EU funds. We also offer one-to-one mentoring for libraries to get started. In addition, a conference is planned for the Spring of 2024 which will present the project result and good practices, as well as discuss the European priorities – all the while fostering further opportunities for networking and capitalisation on the developed results. Stay tuned for more!

About the project
Launched in September 2022, the RL:EU project aims to help Europe’s public libraries unlock EU resources to support their adult education programmes and strategies. This project brings together PL2030, EBLIDA, and PiNA to develop an approach that helps public libraries and librarians learn about EU initiatives and programmes and access EU funding.
To achieve this goal, the project has produced a webinar series that helps participants understand the EU, its context and funds; identify which EU programmes are relevant to their library; learn to develop project applications; and successfully maintain their project beyond its lifecycle. In addition to the webinar series, we are also accompanying public libraries in this process through group coaching sessions and one-on-one mentoring. All resources produced by this project will be uploaded to the project website.
Stay in touch
Interested in participating in a group coaching session or mentorship? Email to register your interest and you will receive updates and invitations to future events!
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