Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV)

The recently established Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) programme aims to support and develop open, rights-based, democratic, equitable and inclusive societies based on the rule of law. It aims to foster a dynamic and autonomous civil society that encourages democratic, civic and social participation of citizens and cultivates the rich diversity of European society on the basis of the values, history and memory that Europeans have in common.

The CERV programme consists of four pillars:

1. Equality, rights and gender equality: promotion of rights, non-discrimination and equality (including gender equality); mainstreaming of gender and non-discrimination policies at all levels;

2. Citizens’ involvement and participation: promotion of citizens’ involvement and participation in the democratic life of the Union, exchanges between citizens of different Member States and knowledge of the common European history;

3. Daphne: fight against violence, including gender-based violence and violence against children;

4. Union values: protection and promotion of Union values.

Civil society organisations active at local, regional, national and transnational levels, as well as other stakeholders, can apply for CERV funding for initiatives aimed at citizen involvement, equality for all and the protection and promotion of EU rights and values.

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The project will use books as a mean to reflect on one of the topics above-mentioned: youth from all the countries involved will be tasked with reading the same book/books, and this will be the opportunity to spark interactive moments and exchanges between them. We will work with young students (age 15 to 19) from at least 4 different European countries. The project will be the opportunity for them to reflect and express their opinions on the topic selected.
This project proposes a cross-cultural initiative aimed at fostering dialogue and understanding among European students on the topic of gender equality. The core concept revolves around curated book selections in various languages, chosen by librarians, to serve as a foundational reading material for participating students. These books will be diverse in perspectives and themes related to gender equality, ensuring a broad spectrum of insights and experiences.
The empow(H)er Project is a dynamic initiative aimed at empowering middle-aged women, particularly those balancing the responsibilities of motherhood and caring for aging parents, by fostering digital literacy and increasing awareness of the digital world. Recognizing the historical underrepresentation of this group in technology and the caregiving roles, this project seeks to bridge the digital divide and elevate the status of these women in their communities.

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