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The Country profile is a sort of Library Manifesto on sustainable development at national or local level, it illustrates the nature and the level of effort deployed by library associations and their partners in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda in libraries.

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(Excerpt from the 2nd European Report on Sustainable Development and Libraries, prepared by EBLIDA and National Library of Latvia.)

Latvia has developed a unique and ambitious approach to the 2030 SD Agenda resulting in the inclusion of libraries into national SDG plans at all levels. For instance, the Latvian National Development Plan 2021-2027 – the largest state budget investments plan for the development of Latvia and improvement of people’s quality of life – also includes libraries as a core concept for development of culture and education. It is expected, therefore, that Latvian libraries may benefit from the European Structural and Investment Funds 2021-2027.

The Library Association of Latvia is included in the Interdisciplinary coalition for the implementation of SDGs. The Interdisciplinary coalition is created as an initiative of the Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation (LAPAS) – the association of Latvian NGOs who are working on the strengthening the civil society in Latvia – to build a coherent work across all sectors and structures for the implementation of SDGs in the planning documents and everyday activities, including evaluation and reporting about the results.

The Library Association of Latvia, the National Library of Latvia and the Latvian National Commission for UNESCO have organised a series of seminars on SDGs in order to create awareness on SDG in Latvian libraries, region after region. The aim of this ambitious strategy is to make Latvian libraries “organically” functional to the implementation of SDGs in Latvia.

EBLIDA, the Latvian Librarians’ Association and the Latvian National Library in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of Latvia organized a webinar on 22 February 2021 to discuss Latvia’s the experience of libraries in acquiring European Structural Funds and Investment Funds (EFSI) funding, as well as on library opportunities in 2021–2027. annual funding programming period.

The webinar was held in Latvian with English simultaneous translation. (More information)

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Project “Librarians as promoters of local democracy, development and resilience” is the supplementary part of the multicomponent EC Programme “EU4Dialogue: improving exchanges across the divide through education and culture” (hereinafter - EU4Dialogue) that supports educational and cultural initiatives fostering an environment of dialogue and people-to-people contacts across the divides in the South Caucasus and the Republic of Moldova.
Archived project
The project idea was built on a shared necessity among public libraries’ staff: how to deal with the visually impaired people in libraries? Public libraries from six countries - Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia and Latvia - participate in the project.
Archived project
The objective of the project is to facilitate socio-economic activity of residents of Ludza (Latvia), Rokiškis (Lithuania) and Jēkabpils (Latvia) municipalities thus contributing to the improvement of living conditions in the border region of Latvia and Lithuania – in 3 deprived municipalities, which are remote from large development centres, with low birth and high death rates and low level of income.
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The main objective of the projects is to ensure the wide availability of Latvian cultural heritage to society in the digital environment, which serves as a basis for strengthening national identity, developing the cultural, scientific, knowledge society and creative industries, ensuring the long-term preservation of national cultural heritage in digital form, and creating opportunities for its repeated use in new products and services, as well as its integration into a unified European and global cultural digital space.
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The aim of Debate Your Issue (DYI) is to strengthen the awareness of young Europeans (18-25 years old) on the topics of politics, democracy, tolerance and their threats: disinformation, intolerance, polarisation and hate speech. Debate can teach young people how to stand up for their opinions and views in a well-founded and convincing manner. Furthermore, by dealing with relevant socio-political questions in a critical manner, it contributes to political education in the targeted region.
Archived project
The main aim of the project “Zenit stories” was to encourage the sense of belonging of the minorities living in Latvia, especially those, who live in Daugavpils, Jelgava and Liepāja, through encouraging a dialogue and deepening an understanding between generations in minority families and in-between Latvian speaking and Russian speaking people.
Archived project
With the opening of the Aloja County Business Support Center-Library SALA on October 28, 2016, a business support infrastructure was created in the county, which will be used for the development of existing and new companies, activation of the local community and organisation of public events. The building houses a modern library, seminar rooms, remote workplaces and a spacious conference hall with a great view of the lake. Aloja municipality is one of the first in Latvia to implement the construction of low energy buildings and use wood as a basic construction material in the construction of public buildings.
Archived project
The project CARD (Culture and Art – A Resource for Development) explores the arts and cultural values that are key for Latvia’s sustainable development and national identity; gauges their contributions to cultural capital. The goal of the project: Create an interdisciplinary human capital and knowledge stock on the processes creating diversity and value of cultural capital, and on a supportive cultural sector ecosystem as a resource for sustainable development in Latvia.
Archived project
The ultimate aim of the “My Green Identity” thematic network project is to fight against climate change and support sustainable development. The aim will be reached by developing a multi-professional transnational network with closely involved partner organisations and participants. This network ensures that partners create, produce and implement collaborative cross border measures encouraging active citizenship in people by sharing information and making it possible to combat climate change.

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The implementation of SDGs in Latvian libraries is the result of a collaboration between the National Library of Latvia and the Library Association of Latvia.

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