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The Country profile is a sort of Library Manifesto on sustainable development at national or local level, it illustrates the nature and the level of effort deployed by library associations and their partners in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda in libraries.

Download Estonia Country profile – PDF version with link references and contact information.
(Excerpt from the 2nd European Report on Sustainable Development and Libraries, prepared by EBLIDA and National Library of Latvia.)

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Contact the Estonian Librarian’s Association (Eesti Raamatukoguhoidjate Ühing)

Estonia has published some nation-wide strategic documents (work in progress). One of them is the “National Strategy on Sustainable Development – Sustainable Estonia 21”. This strategy is implemented through various sectorial strategies and development plans (like, for instance, Estonia 2035). While compiling a development plan for each sector, the strategic development plans for the national competitiveness and sustainable development have to always be taken into account. The other is “Culture 2030”, with a national strategy being prepared, based on the goals of sustainable development – vitality of Estonian cultural space, growth of human well-being, socially cohesive society, ecological balance and libraries having actively contributed to this document.

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Archived project
The objective of the action plan is to make the following digitally accessible by 2023: 3% of the documentary heritage, 32% of artefacts; 60% of both film and photographic heritage and 28% of printed heritage; i.e. about 33% of our entire cultural heritage. The total cost of the project is €9.02 million, of which €8.19 million will come from the planned European Union structural fund investments.
Archived project
Estonian libraries (~830 in total) currently rely on three different library systems (ILS) and three different user services portals. All these systems differ by their user experience, service provision, and their functionalities that support the day-to-day work of libraries. The aim is to replace by the year 2026 three user services portals with a single portal and improve the ability of libraries to offer digital services
Archived project
The national service for the lending of e-publications covers e-books, e-newspapers, e-magazines, and audiobooks. The service can be used free of charge by all people with an Estonian personal identification code, both from a web browser and conveniently from a smart device. In addition, a separate mobile application is being developed, which allows e-publications to be used even without the internet connection.
Archived project
This project aims to strengthen the potential of participating institutions to develop the digital skills of older people and to promote family learning. This project has the following objectives: — organise international exchange and mutual learning events in the partner countries, — describe success stories, collect examples of good practice, publish in an online journal format and make them public, — organise pilot trainings in partner countries to apply new models of family learning.
Archived project
The ultimate aim of the “My Green Identity” thematic network project is to fight against climate change and support sustainable development. The aim will be reached by developing a multi-professional transnational network with closely involved partner organisations and participants. This network ensures that partners create, produce and implement collaborative cross border measures encouraging active citizenship in people by sharing information and making it possible to combat climate change.
Archived project
Bürokratt (KrattAI), one of the four Estonian AI projects listed in global top 100 by UNESCO, is a concept of how digital services and state could operate in the age of artificial intelligence.
Archived project
The innovation project Books on the Move has set out to modernise the lending service and bring it into the 21st century. Books on the Move is funded by Enterprise Estonia and their Innovation Procurement Program in the amount of EUR 333,332.50.

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