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The goal of the project implemented by Šilutė Fridrich Bajoraitis Public Library is to “recover” young people from the virtual space for direct communication with each other. They integrate into cultural and educational activities, discover the joy of real (not virtual) communication with peers, and can reveal their abilities and creativity. There were 5 different intellectual events organised during the project for young people.

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In addition to the youth of Šilutė, representatives of youth organisations from Šilutė district and Pagėgiai municipality participate in it.
— The musical event “African Drums”. The musicians performed African melodies, accompanied by songs, introduced them to sixty different African drums, their sound, the main playing technique, and taught the participants to play African rhythm. The audience heard djembe, dunun drums, balafon, kalimba and kamelen ngoni, which created a wonderful atmosphere and helped to survive their personal Africa. The event took place in the Summer Courtyard of the Library. The audience eagerly listened to the invitation of the performers and happily became participants in their performance.
— The poetry performance “Dive from the fur”. It is a unique, form-breaking stage spectacle for young people, combining various arts, club music and classical poetry, provoking and raising the issue of human identity in today’s populist culture. Bold and unexpected interpretations of well-known poems invited young people to rediscover classical poetry and its relevance today.
— The poetry and music program “Secrets of Romance”. On the occasion of the World Music Day, the piano works of F. Chopin were played in a non-tandard format, accompanied by poetry of Ch. Bodler and A. Mickiewicz.
— The literary performance “Catch a Thought” involved everyone in an energetic game. During the performance, participants were introduced with various genres of literature: poetry, prose, fairy tale, fiction, slam. Everyone had the opportunity to become an actor for a short time.
— The presentation of the book “Black Waters. Created in a mystical evening environment with special light effects, the book came alive, its characters were reborn, they were embodied by the viewers themselves.

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