Toolkits for sustainable development events in local libraries

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In the BibBl.a project the library development services of Region Jämtland Härjedalen have developed thematic toolkits (one handicraft toolkit, one digital toolkit, one book talk tool kit) which serve as content for local library workshops focused on citizens sharing knowledge, trying out new things, and talking about sustainability from their various points of view.

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The sharing of intangible knowledge through showing and teaching handicraft is a way to preserve and promote historical practices which is an important part of local cultural heritage as well as useful skills for a more sustainable lifestyle (e.g. through fixing and creating items). These practices are connected to the makerspace movement in libraries which stems from a curiosity about digital creativity. The value of tactile knowledge put in the spotlight in addition to the textual knowledge libraries traditionally represent.
BibBl.a workshops have also focused on horticulture as complement to traditional agriculture, thus increasing knowledge about ecosystems, food production, and biodiversity.
BibBl.a develops the internal and external sustainability, provides readiness for and practice in change, builds trust between people in the common library space (or outside it) and cultivates the democratic model. The project is clearly linked to the Swedish library legislation and the social mission of libraries.

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