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The project idea was built on a shared necessity among public libraries’ staff: how to deal with the visually impaired people in libraries? Public libraries from six countries - Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia and Latvia - participate in the project.

Project description

TECH.LIBRARY focuses on 3 main objectives:
Favour the exchange of best practices among staff of different libraries on services and ICT tools for the involvement of visually impaired users.
Expand library staffs’ digital competencies through tailored training activities on ICT tools.
Establish a network of libraries for cooperation in responding to visually impaired users’ needs.
The main results of the project:
1. TECH.LIBRARY PLATFORM, to support the libraries’ staff in the exchange of best practices and training activities/material in the field of ICT for the involvement of visually impaired.
2. TRAINING VIDEOS, collecting the sessions of the joint staff training event to be shared on the TECH.LIBRARY platform. It is a key tool addressed specifically to public librarians, to provide them with background information on visual-impairment and the state of the art regarding the development of libraries for the visually-impaired in ICT environments.
3. PRACTICAL HANDBOOK, to learn and understand how other countries and other libraries make use of ICTs for the involvement of visually impaired users.
Project duration: 01.09.2020.- 31.08.2022.

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