Sustainable Library 2030 road map – by Oulu City Library, Finland

Based on the objectives of the UN Agenda 2030 and the eco-promises prepared by the City Library of Oulu.

Project description

When preparing the roadmap, it was also ensured that it was in line with the objectives of the City of Oulu’s environmental program, Towards a Carbon-Neutral Oulu 2026, which entered into force in autumn 2019.

  1. Promoting environmental awareness. The aim is to increase the environmental awareness of both customers and staff through the various means of environmental communication available. The aim is also to increase library’s visibility as an ecological actor by communicating externally about the library’s own responsible activities;
  2. Reducing the environmental impact. The aim is to review the library’s energy use, logistics, recycling and collection practices and to reduce the environmental impact of their activities, as well as to reduce the use of unnecessary plastic;
  3. Responsible construction. In order to reduce the ecological footprint of library properties, the aim is to take ecology into account in connection with renovations and new construction, in the entire construction process – from design to the building. The aim is to design and implement the most energy-efficient facilities possible and to pay attention to environmental friendliness in all solutions related to practical equipment and interior design. Responsibility in construction is also reflected in e.g. involving customers and staff in the planning of future facilities

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