Stadtbibliothek Bremen provides Future Training Opportunities for refugees and other newcomers

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In 2014, the city of Bremen developed a project called “Future Training Opportunities” (Zukunftschance Ausbildung ), targeted to help those with refugee status gain entry-level qualification (EQ, Einstiegsqualifizierung) with accompanying language lessons and socio-educational support. In addition to acquiring language skills, the vocational qualification is essential for successful and sustainable integration into the labour market in Germany. The EQ prepares refugees and asylum seekers for an apprenticeship and a dual training programme in Bremen public service and in private companies. The library joined this city-wide project as an apprenticeship site in 2015.

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For those who choose to apprentice in the Library, it means training to become qualified specialists in media and information services. During their dual-study programme, apprentices work three days per week in the library, and spend two days at the vocational school to learn necessary theoretical knowledge and to study the German language. After completing the programme, newly-qualified media and information specialists can begin working on contract at the library.
Since the beginning of the project, six people have selected the library for their apprenticeship — a woman from Syria and a woman from Turkey, and four men who came to Germany from Guinea, Syria, Afghanistan, China — all six trainees have completed their entry qualification. Three of them have already completed their dual training programme and are now working as members of the Bremen Library team.”

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