RL:EU – Resourcing Libraries: Connecting Libraries to European Resources

The “Resourcing Libraries: connecting libraries to EU resources” (RL:EU) project aims to help Europe’s public libraries unlock EU resources to support their adult education programmes and strategies. This project brings together Public Libraries 2030, EBLIDA, and PiNA to develop an approach that helps public libraries and librarians learn about EU initiatives and programmes and access EU funding.

Project description

As public libraries are the first port of call for many adult learners, this project aims to help develop libraries’ capacities to be forward-looking adult education learning centres through the development of:

  • Good practices: A platform with best practices and support to find project partners and develop European projects
  • Training methodology: A train-the-trainer methodology enabling librarians to train other librarians on EU programmes and initiatives and EU-funded projects.
  • Webinars: A series of 4 webinars on the following topics: 1) Understand the EU, its context and funds; 2) Identify which EU programmes are relevant to their library; 3) Learn to develop project applications; 4) Successfully maintain their project beyond its lifecycle.
  • Local events: In-person or online events to support local networking. During these events, trainers and experts share the knowledge and skills required to apply for EU funding. The events are carried out in the local language.
  • 1-on-1 mentoring: Any librarian or interested party can contact the project partners to ask for one or more dedicated sessions on the topic of EU funding.
  • Group coaching: Online sessions to present and discuss the opportunities and challenges of EU funding in groups, fostering the development of networks and partnerships.
  • Workbook: A workbook to help reflection on how libraries play a role as adult learning centres and how these activities can receive EU funds.
  • Recommendations: Policy recommendations for EU funding of public libraries
  • Conference: In April 2024, the project partners hosted the RL:EU Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. The theme was “Digital Upskilling for Libraries in Europe,” and presented resources, frameworks, and projects on the topic.
  • Advocacy event: Before the end of the project, there will be an advocacy event to present policy recommendations and is therefore targeted primarily at policymakers

This project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union under the Partnerships for Cooperation in Adult Education (KA220).

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