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PON METRO BOLOGNA is a European program that aims to strengthen the development and territorial cohesion of the community through new spaces to live in, greater social inclusion, sustainability, digital services, and civic literacy for citizens, associations, and businesses.

Project description

Within the framework of the European Structural and Investment Funds 2021-2027 several initiatives have been set in motion.
a) City area school, which provide tailored courses where there are no teachers, but educating communities, no desks, but neighbourhoods, no pupils, but girls and boys. These schools are based on real community needs and aim at improving the well-being of citizens and combating social exclusion and educational poverty.
b) Hamelin, a cultural association, has set up a course to train reading experts in a two-year course. The training is structured in two phases and foresees for the participants a compensation for the months in which they will be involved.
c) Enhancement of the Salaborsa (Bologna City Library) with laboratories and multidisciplinary courses on research and experimentation in the field of reading, coding, robotics, fablab, digital literacy and information literacy courses, as well as orientation courses addressing STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Workshops are organised which offer a creative approach to digital and technology, thus encouraging original and critical paths of thought and imagination through coding and robotics.
d) Equipping each library in the sector with RFID technology development of augmented reality software for immersive visit paths to historical buildings (Archiginnasio, Salaborsa, Casa Carducci); application of machine learning (ML) techniques for collection review and management; creation of a platform to support Customer Relationship Management (CRM), useful to improve strategies for listening and responding to users’ requests and needs.
e) Full implementation of the Faro Convention, where knowledge and use of cultural heritage are a human right and encourage the construction of a peaceful and democratic society.

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