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NewsGuard will contribute to the projects of the consortium, led by Luiss University, by providing data and analysis of the sites that publish news and information in Italy, with the aim of detecting, analysing and tackling the disinformation campaigns that spread across the national and European territory.

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PeopleNewsGuard is the Italian Digital Media Observatory, the consortium selected by the European Commission to combat disinformation in Italy. In the consortium, besides NewsGuard, there are Luiss University, the University of Rome Tor Vergata, RAI, the fact-checking organisation Pagella Politica, the research and consultancy company T6 Ecosystems and two leading organisations in the media and telecommunications sectors GEDI and TELECOM.
NewsGuard provides reliability ratings and fact sheets for thousands of news and information sites. NewsGuard analyses all news sites that account for 95 per cent of online engagement in the US, UK, Germany, France and Italy. The browser extension is available free of charge on Microsoft’s Edge thanks to a partnership with Microsoft. Hundreds of public libraries around the world have free access to the NewsGuard browser extension, giving their users more context to the news they encounter online. Several libraries in Italy (e.g. Public Library Of Milano) are using NewsGuard devices.

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