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The national service for the lending of e-publications covers e-books, e-newspapers, e-magazines, and audiobooks. The service can be used free of charge by all people with an Estonian personal identification code, both from a web browser and conveniently from a smart device. In addition, a separate mobile application is being developed, which allows e-publications to be used even without the internet connection.

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The service also considers the needs of schools to support teaching, and the needs of people with special needs, including, for example, the blind and visually impaired.
Why: A pan-European survey, in which the National Library of Estonia and Tartu University Library also participated – a total of 2,500 people – revealed that people want to borrow e-books from libraries. Almost 90 percent of the respondents considered it important to be able to download the book to their device. At the moment, there is no national free e-publication lending system operating on a uniform basis in Estonia.
The duration of the project is 2021-2023, the service will be launched in February 2023. The project is financed in cooperation with the European Regional Development Fund and the Ministry of Culture.

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