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The academy "Integrate yourself" was created in 2020. It is for teens and young persons (12-20 years old) who want to understand the possibilities offered by the modern cultural and socio-cultural environment. During the classes, lecturers are acquainted with design aesthetics, perspectives, programs and their management tools. Individual projects were created with the aim to present each participant, highlighting leisure interests, abilities, experiences with the help of graphic design.

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The library is near the city park, so that the project “Integrate yourself” is accessible not only to a closed target audience, but also to all social groups of teenagers. During the summer, open seminars and open-air meetings were organised in cooperation with representatives of the creative industries. The interviews and seminars were devoted to discussions about the career opportunities of the contemporary artist, about how art changes the perception of socio-cultural space, emphasising subcultures, the problems of globalisation and the benefits for contemporary life. The established educational academy “Integrate yourself” revealed several essential aspects of the project’s impact: the created socio-cultural space and touch with different artistic fields help to form the adolescent’s perception of modern art created with modern technologies.


There were 4 groups and 64 sessions organised in 2020 and 2021 in cooperation with institutions working with socially vulnerable groups.

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