Cultural Capital as a Resource for Sustainable Development of Latvia/CARD

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The project CARD (Culture and Art – A Resource for Development) explores the arts and cultural values that are key for Latvia’s sustainable development and national identity; gauges their contributions to cultural capital. The goal of the project: Create an interdisciplinary human capital and knowledge stock on the processes creating diversity and value of cultural capital, and on a supportive cultural sector ecosystem as a resource for sustainable development in Latvia.

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The project “Cultural Capital as a Resource for Sustainable Development of Latvia”/CARD is funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia in the framework of the National Research Programme “Latvian Culture — a Resource for National Development” (2020-2022). The National Research Programme is administered by the Latvian Council of Science. Project implementation period: 01.10.2020.— 30.09.2022.
— analyse selected phenomena in the history of artistic production (in architecture, film, audiovisual, art, music, performing arts, visual arts and design) and its role in cultural capital creation,
— examine current cultural processes through the mapping and analysis of how cultural ecosystem actor groups interact, as well in of manifestations of cultural participation;
— analyse the roles and transformations of specific kinds of cultural heritage in the cultural ecosystem, and the resources of memory institutions as a driver of diversity and value creation,
— study the diversity of heritage communities and other active societal groups (especially young people) and the range of novel practices and roles in heritage management and communication,
— explore and systematise methodological approaches to artistic and digital research in arts and cultural heritage studies and tertiary education,
— develop methodologies and methods of measuring social and economic impact of cultural and creative sector activities and propose monitoring indicators workable in the Latvian context,
— develop research capacity of thematic researcher groups, increase integration of the work done in the five partner institutions,
— transfer the relevant knowledge to policy-makers, practitioners and other stakeholder groups.

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