2030 SDG Certification of Danish Public Libraries

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The Danish Library Association (DB), the organization Chora 2030 and 20 public libraries in Denmark decided in 2021 to develop a model for SDG certification of Danish public libraries, since public libraries obviously have a great potential for increasing the public knowledge on SDG’s and also to enhance the participation of citizens in activities initiated by public libraries - related to SDG’s

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Methodology and content: A central part of the Danish SDG Certification model focuses on involvement of all parts of the library in establishing a (three year) plan of action focusing on three dimensions:
The library as a communicator of facts and knowledge on all SDG’s
The library as a facilitator to cocreate with citizens within the local community
The library as an actor to create sustainable solutions in the organization
The certification model can be seen as a tool for public libraries to work with all SDG’s in a structured, holistically oriented and sustainable way – internally and externally.
Results: At present approximately 15 Danish public libraries have received a full certification – and more are to come in 2023. Also, 8 new public libraries have decided to start the certification process on top of the 20 pilot libraries, so the model seems to be accepted by more and more public libraries in Denmark.

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