2030 Certification of Svendborg Public Library (Certificering af Svendborg Bibliotek)

2030 Certification of Svendborg Public Library

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Through the help of the company Green Network, Svendborg Bibliotek has become certified Sustainable Business Partner. This means, that Svendborg Bibliotek has completed a CSR capacity measurement, which confirmed the required knowledge about sustainably and CSR tools.

Project description

Methodology: Because of this certification, Svendborg Library has created a strategy for sustainability with the following focus points:

  • To be a sustainable workplace,
  • To be a house of knowledge and development of sustainability,
  • To have healthy, competent and creative employees.

A strategy where librarians commit themselves to undertake specific actions. Working with sustainability is a conversion, for which good timing is crucial. Therefore, all librarians have to take part in working with sustainability to attain the 17 goals. As an example we are currently working on the transformation of the green areas surrounding the library into a giant buffet for insects, and an outdoor space for contemplation, mental health, well-being and much more.


Outcome (expected): Enlighten about, and contribute to, a shared responsibility; success criteria for our actions – i.e. how, and what, measuring the attainment of SDGs; support all employees in the implementation of SDGs.

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