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Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine.

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EBLIDA operates in the Council of Europe area. The Council of Europe has suspended the Russian Federation as a consequence of the barbaric attack against Ukraine.
Throughout Europe, public libraries have a proud tradition of welcoming everyone.
We – EBLIDA, NAPLE and Public Libraries 2030 – call upon this tradition of libraries to give a warm welcome, a safe place to Ukrainian refugees during this difficult time. Provide them with whatever support they can offer, books and other media as well as access to information and education.
As far as possible, libraries may help continue refugees’ education, especially of children and young people, and organise courses to acquire first elements of the language of the hosting countries. We also urge libraries to connect with national and local organizations that provide assistance (Sanctuary cities, Sant’Egidio community, etc.).


 Libraries for Refugees

Library access points displaying the “Libraries for Refugees” logo include resources and facilities purposely designed to help Ukrainian displaced persons.

Join the network and have your activities for Ukrainians displayed on the “Libraries for Refugees” website.

As library hub, EBLIDA is opening this webpage for exchange and we invite all initiators of initiatives for refugees to link with us in order to share ideas, good practices or ask questions.

Please use this form to submit links (ULRs) of European Libraries, Library Associations and Archives with example of a potential way(s) to help Ukrainian refugees to be added to our collection (below).

Example of a potential way library organisations can help

Statements/Appeals of Solidarity across Europe

 In chronological order – when available
(“You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.”  Mahatma Gandhi)
ICOMOS Statement on Ukraine (Paris, 24 February 2022) (Int. Organization)
ICOMOS deplores the lives already lost and threatened by the deterioration of the situation in the
Ukrainian territory. ICOMOS also fears that serious threats weigh on Ukraine’s heritage.

Solidarietà al popolo ucraino dall’AIB  (IT)
Assistiamo con sgomento e preoccupazione al precipitare degli eventi in Ucraina. Come bibliotecari osserviamo quanto sia ancora lontanissima la prospettiva di una pace perpetua tra i popoli che è alla base della Dichiarazione dei diritti umani del 1948.
Statement by the Blue Shield on the situation in Ukraine (Int. Organization)
The Blue Shield is extremely concerned regarding the escalating conflict in Ukraine. We ask all those involved to obey all relevant international law and to protect the civilian population wherever and whenever possible.
Ukraine Crisis: Statement of the Four Bars – Law Library (IE)
Ukraine Invasion: The Bar of Ireland joins with colleagues in condemnation
#StandWithUkraine, Romanian Library Association (RO)
We, the Romanian Library Association, stand with you in this troubling conflict you are facing, stating that we do not encourage this kind of aggression for resolving any kind of problem that can be solved in a peaceful way.
Statement of the Library Association of Latvia to Ukrainian librarians and citizens (LV, LT, EE)
The Library Association of Latvia and all Latvian librarians express our strongest support to you in your work and to each of you personally. 
[Lithuanian and Estonian Librarians Associations and Lithuanian and Estonian librarians have also joined the Statement of the Library Association of Latvia.]
Asociația Națională a Bibliotecarilor și Bibliotecilor Publice din România (ANBPR) / The National Association of Public Librarians and Libraries in Romania (RO)
Urmărim cu mare îngrijorare evenimentele tragice prin care trece poporul ucrainean în aceste zile.
The Appeal of the Ukrainian Library Association to IFLA President and Governing Board and IFLA Members (UA)
We therefore appeal to IFLA President and Governing Board to support Ukrainian librarians and exclude the Russian Library Association and all institutions of the aggressor country Russia from IFLA members, and their representatives from all IFLA governing bodies.
Baltic national libraries want Russia suspended from international library associations / Baltimaade rahvusraamatukogud kutsuvad peatama Venemaa liikmelisust erialaühendustes (EE, LV, LT)
The national library communities of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have made a public appeal to the world’s library community to unequivocally condemn the Russian aggression in Ukraine and to suspend the Russian Federation’s membership in all international library associations and organizations.
Call of Bulgarian Library and Information Association (BLIA) / Призив на Българска библиотечно-информационна асоциация (ББИА) (BG)
Ние се обявяваме против тази ужасна война и искаме незабавното ѝ спиране!  
Czech Librarians Are With You, Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic (CZ)
On behalf of the Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic, representing over 1,800 libraries and librarians from our country, we wish to let you know that you are not alone. We stand by you in your fight for freedom and regaining your nation’s true independence.
CILIP Statement of solidarity with librarians, archivists and information professionals in Ukraine (UK)
We the undersigned, representing the UK community of librarians, archivists and information professionals, wish to extend our solidarity and support for our professional colleagues in Ukraine during the current military action by Russia.
Public Appeal to the World Community of Libraries Regarding the Solidarity Initiatives with the People of Ukraine | National Library of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania (LV, EE, LT)
The communities of the national libraries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia resolutely condemn the attacks on Ukraine and stand in solidarity with the aspiration of the Ukrainian people to live in a free, independent and democratic Ukrainian state, guided by European fundamental values.
International Publishers Association (IPA) Response to Ukrainian Publishers and Booksellers Association (International Org.)
We condemn this criminal Russian invasion in the strongest possible terms.
Society of College, National and University Libraries (SCONUL) Statement of Solidarity With Library Professionals in Ukraine (UK)
We the undersigned, representing the UK community of librarians, archivists and information professionals, wish to extend our solidarity and support for our professional colleagues in Ukraine during the current military action by Russia.
Dutch libraries concerned about the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine / Nederlandse bibliotheken bezorgd over gevolgen Russische inval Oekraïne – VOB, SPN, FOBID and KB (NL)
We zijn geschokt door de Russische inval in Oekraïne en hoe de situatie zich ontwikkelt. We leven mee met iedereen die de gevolgen ervaart van deze oorlog 
Solidarité avec l’Ukraine, soutenons la démocratie et la liberté d’expression, Association des bibliothécaires de France (ABF) (FR)
Nous assistons tous et toutes avec inquiétude et sentiment d’impuissance à l’invasion militaire en Ukraine. À notre niveau nous ne pouvons qu’exprimer notre solidarité aux collègues et à l’ensemble des Ukrainiens. Nous soutenons et relayons le communiqué de la fédération européenne des associations de bibliothécaires.
The Polish Librarians’ Association’s (SBP) appeal to help Ukraine / Apel SBP w sprawie pomocy dla Ukrainy (PL)
Stowarzyszenie Bibliotekarzy Polskich solidaryzuje się z narodem ukraińskim w walce z agresorem, który niszczy kraj, dorobek pokoleń, zabija niewinnych ludzi.
The Wiener Holocaust Library’s Statement on Ukraine (UK)
The Wiener Holocaust Library condemns both Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the Holocaust distortion used to justify it.
Conference of Directors of National Libraries (CDNL) statement on Ukraine (International Org.)
We condemn the current military aggression against Ukraine, which threatens this heritage as surely as it threatens Ukrainian lives and communities. 
Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche – Association of European Research Libraries (LIBER) Statement on Ukraine (International Org.)
We express our solidarity with the Ukrainian people, and colleagues of the Ukrainian scientific, academic and student communities.
Solidarity with Ukraine, National Library of Poland (PL)
The National Library of Poland supports the appeal made by the national libraries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia regarding solidarity initiatives with the people of Ukraine.
Statement of solidarity with Ukraine | Nordic National Libraries (FI, SE, DK, NO, IS)
The Nordic National Libraries want to express our solidarity with our friends and colleagues in the besieged Ukraine. Our hearts and minds are with you and the Ukrainian people.
Latvijas kulturas mantojuma organizaciju aicinajums izteikt atbalstu Ukrainai, Latvian Museums Association (LMA) (LV)
Latvijas kultūras mantojuma organizāciju aicinājums izteikt atbalstu Ukrainai 
Solidarnost s Ukrajinom! Croatian Library Association (HR)
Hrvatsko knjižničarsko društvo izražava solidarnost s Ukrajinom i ukrajinskim narodom te osuđuje vojnu agresiju Ruske Federacije na neovisnost ove europske države.
Response of the Italian Library Association to the National Libraries of Baltic states(IT)
Sentiamo di dover esprimere il nostro totale dissenso rispetto ad alcuni appelli circolati ultimamente, come quello delle Biblioteche nazionali dei paesi baltici (Estonia, Lettonia, Lituania) e dell’Associazione delle biblioteche ucraine a espellere l’Associazione dei bibliotecari russi da IFLA, o quello dell’Ukrainian Book Institute a boicottare i libri in lingua russa.
Solidarity with Ukraine / Solidarnost z Ukrajino, Slovenian Library Association (SI)
Solidarnost z Ukrajino!
Plea to the European governments: support Ukrainian students and academics! Erasmus Student Network (ESN) (International Org.)
The current circumstances call for solidarity with and immediate support for the Ukrainian Students and the academic community
Federation of European Publishers (FEP) Condemns Russia’s Attack on Ukraine (International Org.)
The Federation of European Publishers condemns Russia’s attack on Ukraine.
In response to the call, Rodina Library – Stara Zagora / В отговор на призива! Библиотека Родина – Стара Загора (BG)
В отговор на призива!
Libraries helping Ukraine, COSEELIS – Council for Slavonic and East European Library and Information Services (International Org.)
Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has shaken us all to the core.  The COSEELIS Committee confirms our support for Ukraine and Ukrainians, those in the country and the diaspora and those who are currently seeking refuge elsewhere.
Library Association of Ireland Statement on the invasion of Ukraine (IE)
The Library Association of Ireland (LAI) condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine and we extend our deepest sympathy at this most difficult time to all of our Ukrainian colleagues.
Nordic library associations condemn war in Ukraine (FI, SE, DK, NO, IS)
The Nordic library associations resolutely condemn the war Russia has started against Ukraine and stand in solidarity with the aspiration of the Ukrainian people to live in a free, independent and democratic state of Ukraine, guided by European fundamental values.
EADH statement on Ukraine invasion EADH statement on Ukraine invasion (International Org.)
The European Association for Digital Humanitieswishes to express its full solidarity with the Ukrainian nation. We staunchly support the sovereignty of Ukraine.
Standing with Ukraine / Potpora Ukrajini | National and University Library in Zagreb (HR)
Potpora Ukrajini!
BOBCATSSS Association Appeals of Solidarity to Ukraine  (International Org.)
BOBCATSSS Association (former EUCLID – European Association for Library and Information Education and Research) expresses solidarity and supports the EBLIDA, NAPLE, Public Libraries 2030 and their partners initiatives and Call – Libraries for Ukraine, on behalf of the community of the European LIS education and research units, members of the Bobcatsss Association.

#StandWithUkraine (CH)
Bibliosuisse verfolgt mit grossem Entsetzen die Entwicklung der Ereignisse in der Ukraine. Dem ukrainischen Volk gilt unsere volle Solidarität.

Statement of Solidarity with Ukraine | Consortium of National and University Libraries Ireland (CONUL) (IE)
We the undersigned members of CONUL, the Consortium of National and University Libraries in Ireland, unequivocally condemn the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

Expression of solidarity with our international colleagues / Solidariteitsbetuiging met onze internationale collega’s (VVBAD) (BE)
In tijden van oorlog is er voor bibliotheken en informatieprofessionals een bijzonder belangrijke rol weggelegd. 

Voices of Libraries

(Events, Exhibitions, Blogs, Videos)

Actions of other Cultural/Educational Institutions

Media Monitor

Misinformation in Russia about Ukraine

NewsGuard – Disinformation Tools: English | Italian | French
NewsGuard Russia-Ukraine Disinformation Tracking Center: English | Italian | French

Reports from other sources:

Russian speaking channels:

Event contents

  • Portuguese translation

    Os nossos pensamentos estão com o povo da Ucrânia.
    Libraries for Ukraine
    Através de um comunicado de imprensa conjunto datado de 24 de fevereiro de 2022, a EBLIDA (European Bureau of Libraries, Information and Documentation Associations), o NAPLE (National Authorithies of Public Libraries in Europe) e o PL2030 (Public Libraries 2030) expressaram o seu apoio à Associação de Bibliotecas Ucranianas.
    Todas as bibliotecas estão a ser convocadas para este esforço conjunto de apoiar os refugiados ucranianos ( Tal como em 2015, a EBLIDA está agora a reabrir a página web para refugiados – uma ação que esperávamos nunca repetir.
    EBLIDA, NAPLE and Public Libraries 2030 logo
    Exortamos as bibliotecas de toda a Europa a acolher os refugiados e a fornecer um abrigo acolhedor e seguro, longe das suas habitações temporárias, proporcionando também acesso às coleções e serviços das bibliotecas.
    Na medida do possível, as bibliotecas podem ajudar, apoiando a educação e alfabetização de refugiados, especialmente de crianças e jovens, organizando cursos e formação para ajudar a adquirir as primeiras noções da língua dos países de acolhimento. Também incitamos as bibliotecas a estabelecerem ligações com organizações nacionais e locais que prestem assistência.
    Atuando como um eixo central para as bibliotecas europeias, a EBLIDA disponibiliza esta página para intercâmbio de informação útil e convida todos os promotores de iniciativas para refugiados a partilharem aqui as suas idéias, boas práticas ou colocar perguntas ou esclarecimentos:
    Para submeter informação sobre ligações a Bibliotecas, Arquivos ou Associações Europeias de Bibliotecas, com exemplos de potenciais formas de apoio aos refugiados ucranianos, ou para adicionar informação/apelos de solidariedade, por favor, utilize este formulário:
    Add your own web link
     [Translated by: Zélia Parreira, Portuguese Association of Librarians, Archivists, Information and Documentation Professionals (BAD) / EBLIDA Executive Committee Member]

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