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EBLIDA is the European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations. We are an independent umbrella association of library, information, documentation associations and institutions in Europe, gathering some 120+ members - library associations and institutions - from 32 countries representing 65,000 public libraries in Europe.

122 members

32 countries

65.000 libraries

EBLIDA Members at the 32nd Annual Council Meeting, April 2024, Lisbon, Portugal.

Our Constitution

The Council and its powers and tasks are described in EBLIDA’s constitution.

Council Members

The Council is the governing body of EBLIDA, composed of representatives of the Full Members and the Associate Members. Council determines policy and the general programme of activities of the Association and its decisions are binding.

Expert Groups

Expert Groups help set strategic aims and advises on specialized topics. It comprises recognized experts in the field, spanning across EBLIDA’s European membership.

Annual Council Meetings

The Annual Council meeting is the yearly assembly of EBLIDA’s Members to review the organization’s activities, objectives, policies, financial statements, and operations.

Executive Commitee 2024-2027

Executive Committee was elected at the 32nd Annual Council Meeting for the term 2024-2027 and the President was designated on 08 April 2024.


Erna Winters

Erna Winters

VOB – Vereniging Openbare Bibliotheken / (The Netherlands Library Association)

[1st Term]

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Zelia Parreira

Zélia Parreira

Associação Portuguesa de Bibliotecários, Arquivistas, Profissionais da Informação e Documentação / (Portuguese Association of Librarians, Archivists, Information and Documentation Professionals, BAD)

[2nd Term]

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Andrew Cranfield (Captured-Fotostudie)

Andrew Cranfield

Danmarks Biblioteksforening / (Danish Library Association)


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Guillaume Gast

Guillaume Gast

ABF, Association des Bibliothécaires Français / (French Association of Librarians)

[1st Term]

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Jessica Jacobs

Jessica Jacobs

Vlaamse Vereniging voor Bibliotheek-, Archief- en Documentatiewezen (VVBAD)
(Flemish Association for Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres)

[1st Term]

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Katrīna Kukaine

Latvijas Bibliotekaru Biedriba (LBB) / (Library Association of Latvia)

[2nd Term]

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Rauha Maarno

Rauha Maarno

Suomen Kirjastoseura / (Finnish Library Association)

[2nd Term]

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Antonios Mourikis

ΕΕΒΕΠ – Ένωση Ελλήνων Βιβλιοθηκονόμων και Επιστημόνων Πληροφόρησης / (Association of Greek Librarians and Information Scientists, AGLIS)

[1st Term]

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Liu Palmieri

Liu Palmieri

Associazione Italiana Biblioteche (AIB) / (Italian Library Association)

[1st Term]

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Alicia Sellés Carot

Alicia Sellés Carot

Federación Española de Sociedades de Archivística, Biblioteconomía, Documentación y Museística – FESABID, Spain

[2nd Term]

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Helene Heger Voldner

Helene Heger Voldner

Norsk Bibliotekforening / (Norwegian Library Association)

[1st Term]

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EBLIDA (European Bureau of Library Information and Documentation Associations) was founded on the 13th of June 1992 in The Hague, The Netherlands. It is an (international) non-governmental association pursuing the interests of the library and information science profession.

EBLIDA Presidents:

Erna Winters

Erna Winters
(Acting since April 2024)

Ton van Vlimmeren

Jukka Relander

Klaus-Peter Böttger

Gerald Leitner

Jan Ewout van der Putten

Britt Marie Häggström

Søren Møller


Ross Shimmon

EBLIDA Directors:

Mikkel Christoffersen


Mikkel Christoffersen
(Acting since February 2024)



Giuseppe Vitiello


Jean-Marie Reding
(Interim Secretary 2018 – for 4 Month)

Vincent Bonnet

Joanne Yeomans

Andrew Cranfield

Marian Koren
(Interim Director
2006 – for 6 Month)

María Pía González Pereira

Teresa Hackett

Barbara Schleihagen

Emanuella Giavarra

EBLIDA Secretariat

Koninklijke Bibliotheek
(National Library of the Netherlands)
Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 5
2595 BE The Hague
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0)70 3140137 E-mail:


Mikkel Christoffersen

Mikkel Christoffersen


Administrative Officer

Majella Cunnane


Communications Officer / Web Content Editor

Sophie Felföldi


Project Officer

Inês Marques Ferreira


Bank Details

ING Bank Account no.:
Swift code: INGB NL 2a
IBAN code: NL64 INGB 0685 0898 86
VAT Number: NL 8015.43.824 B01 

Chamber of Commerce registration no. 40412969

Mailing lists

EBLIDA offers various mailing lists for its members. Each list has a different focus and target audience.

General mailing lists – open to the public


EBLIDA-LIST is a general mailing list intended to foster communications between EBLIDA, its membership and members of the European library community. The goal is to facilitate information exchange as well as professional communication and development within the EBLIDA community.

Subscribe to EBLIDA-List


  • to aid in the distribution of EBLIDA related information and newsletter
  • to exchange views and enhance direct involvement of members and non-members
  • to inform EBLIDA members and all interested people on news & updates on EU developments
  • to disseminate Position Papers & Statements in response to proposals of legislation & policy guidelines to the broader European library community

Audience: We encourage anyone interested in the goals and activities of EBLIDA – individuals and organisations, Members of EBLIDA and non Members – to participate.

Moderator: Sophie Felfoldi
If you need help, please contact the moderator at

Announcement Lists – for EBLIDA Members only

2. Eblida-Full-Member

Announcement List for Full Members

Audience: Subscription is limited to Full Members. All Full Members have the right to be subscribed to this list. Subscribers cannot post to the list and will receive important Member announcements only.

3. Eblida-Associate-Member

Announcement List for Associate Members

Audience: Subscription is limited to Associate Members. All Associate Members have the right to be subscribed to this list. Subscribers cannot post to the list and will receive important Member announcements only.

Purpose: Only for important Member announcements.

Working Group Mailing Lists


EBLIDA-EC a Working Group Mailing List for members of the Executive Committee of EBLIDA. The list is intended to ensure continuity, automate archiving of discussions and exchanged materials.

Audience: EBLIDA-EC is only available to Executive Committee Members.


EBLIDA-EGIL is a Working Group Mailing List to facilitate communication the Expert Group on Information Law (EGIL). The mission of the EGIL is to:

  • Maintain a good awareness of legal issues that affect the provision and circulation of information, especially where libraries and archives are concerned
  • Address the European institutions by making suggestions regarding laws, or changes to laws that would improve the legal position of libraries and archives
  • Cooperate and work with other organizations and institutions for these purposes

Audience: EBLIDA-EGIL is restricted to EGIL Working Group Members.


EBLIDA-ELSIA is a Discussion List of the Expert Group European Libraries and Sustainable Development Implementation and Assessment.

Audience: EBLIDA-ELSA is restricted to ELSIA Expert Group Members.


EBLIDA-LIBLEG is a Discussion List of the Working Group on Library Legislation and Policy in Europe.

Audience: EBLIDA-LIBLEG is restricted to LIBLEG Working Group Members.


MARRAKESH-EU is an electronic discussion list for library and visually impaired people’s organisations on implementing Marrakesh Treaty legislation in EU Member States.

Audience: MARRAKESH-EU is a closed list (restricted to subscribers).

9. EBLIDA-strategy

EBLIDA-strategy is a Discussion List of  EBLIDA’s Task Force, consisting of the President, with two other members of the EBLIDA Executive Committee.

The Task Force is established with a view to:

a) exploring the causes of EBLIDA’s inner fragility;

b) suggesting technical, economic and organisational solutions aiming to put EBLIDA on a firm and sustainable basis;

c) establishing strategic perspectives for EBLIDA 2022-2025.

Audience: EBLIDA-strategy is restricted to the Members of the Task Force.

10. EBLIDA-Conference

Eblida-Conference is a Working Group Mailing List for for the Conference Planning Steering Committee, in charge of the EBLIDA Conference, consisting of EBLIDA EC Members, EBLIDA staff and Local Organizers.

Audience: Restricted to Steering Committee Members.


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