22nd EBLIDA-NAPLE Conference Conclusion

With more than 120 participants, the 22nd EBLIDA Annual Council Meeting & EBLIDA-NAPLE Conference was successful.


With more than 120 participants, the 22nd EBLIDA Annual Council Meeting & EBLIDA-NAPLE Conference was successful.

H.R.H. Prinses Laurentin



H.R.H. Princess Laurentien inspired the audience in making the case for libraries as a hub for Knowledge empowering people’s lives.




She was echoed by Sinikka Sipilä (President of IFLA) with her well-known Presidential them Strong libraries, strong societies.

Sinikka Sipilä, IFLA President

The three breakout sessions in addressing the issues of changes, crisis and chances gave the possibility to engage in discussion with the audience and to show that libraries are used to transitioning environment, flexible structures able to adapt and strongly supported by the citizens.

It was mentioned in the wrap-up that libraries should be more visible at each level and make their voices louder and clearer so that policy makers and politicians have the on their radar and know that they can count on libraries to deliver the Knowledge Society.



In his concluding remark, Klaus-Peter Böttger (President of EBLIDA) announced the next EBLIDA-NAPLE Conference to be hosted in Riga (Latvia) on the 7-9 May 2015: Theme: “Building a Europe of readers


(Photo credit: Adrián Pérez)

Conference Presentations

Klaus-Peter Böttger
(President of EBLIDA)

I hope I am allowed to speak on behalf of you all that we had a wonderful conference and I would like to thank all involved in presenting, chairing, moderating and organising today’s conference, especially the many kind students and volunteers who offered up their free time to help.

What is the result of this conference? I suppose you didn’t expect to find answers and solutions. That would contradict the fact that transition never ends. One of HRH Princess Laurentien’s sentences worried me, society does not know what a library does and is not aware of the importance of libraries in the field of education and learning. “The responsibility lies on us”. That reminds me of the former President of the German Parliament who lamented that librarians are so silent. So let’s get louder! On the one side we have to use the fact that we have so many patrons, 100 million. In Europe. So why not get at least a million patrons in alliance with consumer organisations?! Please sign EBLIDA’s petition for the right to e-read.

Klaus-Peter Böttger (EBLIDA President)

Smart solutions: produce success stories and talk about them.

We have to improve in the area of advocacy. If there is so much wrong or no pictures at all, so much ignorance, it is our responsibility to challenge this prejudice. That is why EBLIDA is going to have an advocacy workshop for the new MEPs and Commissioners. We will also be inviting delegates from national associations to take part.

We have heard during this conference how important and necessary libraries are, for literacy, for information literacy. So let’s create a Europe of readers. Let’s make this Europe of readers more visible. This does not happen from one day to the next. As a runner I can tell you that a marathon begins with a first of many, many more, before the finish. And there are ups and downs on the way. But I don’t want us to have the same fate as Pheidipides.

So come to Riga next year, reserve the date and let’s build it up.

Working session Programme & Presentations: Government Information and Libraries


Giannis Tsakonas
(Library and Information Center, University of Patras, Greece)


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