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The European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations is an independent umbrella association of library, information, documentation associations and institutions in Europe.

We are a non for profit with a mission to unleash the power of libraries for an Equitable, Democratic, and Sustainable Society in Europe.

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E-PANEMA will help you find partnerships and collaborations with colleagues in Europe participating in EU projects.

E-PANEMA (Eblida PArtNErship MAtching tool) is:

  • a DISCOVERY tool – library planning conform to European programmes and SDGs;
  • a COMMUNITY tool – facilitates partnerships for library projects funded by European programmes.

Please use E-PANEMA to:

  • Navigate through SDG-oriented, EU-funded European programmes to be INFORMED about pioneering changes in libraries and library orientation;
  • Get INSPIRATION for projects you would like to file withing EU programmes;
  • Be FACILITATED in your search for partnerships within European programmes and in planning the developments of your library.

When filing an application for a EU programme, you want to know: 

  • Whether other libraries in Europe have already implemented your ideas in library policy and planning;
  • Because, if I am filing an application, very likely I need to consolidate my project proposal with partnerships or examples and models. 

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Subjects on which EBLIDA concentrates are European library legislation, including copyright & licensing, library impact on society, and Sustainable Development Goals in Europe.

We support unhindered access to information in the digital age and promote the role of libraries within an equitable, democratic and sustainable society.

EBLIDA’s Constitution outlines the composition, powers, and tasks of the Council, comprised of Full and Associate Members, who gather annually to discuss and decide on objectives and policies at the Annual Council Meeting.

The EBLIDA Secretariat contacts members of the Council through dedicated mailing lists.

News, updates, information relevant to the European library sector disseminated through the EBLIDA-list. We encourage anyone interested in the goals and activities of EBLIDA – individuals and organizations, Members of EBLIDA and non Members – to participate &. subscribe themselves to the EBLIDA-list.






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